Wedding Day Timeline Packet for Wedding Planners - Google Doc Template


Building a wedding day timeline involves a TON of hours. This timeline template will save you time and give a BEAUTIFUL and well-organized document to share with your client and their vendor team.

This "Timeline Template" document is a Google Doc template designed to be edited and customized by you.

Your purchase includes:

  • Download instructions to make your own copies to use and edit however you like
  • Two 20+ page Timeline Templates ready to be customized to your brand
    • Template 1: Timeline that includes “Bride” and “Groom” language
    • Template 2: Timeline that is gender-neutral and does NOT include “Bride” and “Groom” language
  • A 40-minute walkthrough video with step-by-step instructions broken down into easy-to-navigate steps

The Timeline Template is a 20+page document which you can customize to suit your needs, planning style, brand, and details of your clients' events.

The document is organized into sections that include:

  • Key contact information and locations
  • Simple timeline for the week and day before the wedding
  • Comprehensive timeline for the day of the wedding
  • Wedding Party, Family and VIP list
  • Wedding Vendor team details and contact information, including social media for easy posting
  • Ceremony details like processional/recessional pairings and the order of the ceremony
  • Family/VIP Photo List
  • Detailed setup list broken down by location 
  • A place to include the floor plan
  • General notes on the design and colors of the wedding

Because it's created using Google Docs, it's easily shareable with your client along with their venue and vendor team. It can be saved as a PDF or printed using any home printer.

To make this, you will need:

  • Access to and a basic-to-intermediate understanding of Google Drive/Docs

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