Worksheet: Questions to Ask About Hotel Room Blocks

A wedding planning worksheet designed to help you be more efficient, intelligent and "in-the-know" when planning your wedding and securing a hotel room block for your guests. Know what questions to ask (and WHY) so you can plan with confidence. 

Includes questions to ask your HOTEL that you're making room blocks at, along with some other details to help in planning.

Worksheets are easily printable with a minimalist design to save on printer ink. If you prefer to keep things digital, they are also viewable on any device as a PDF document.

These worksheets were created by Danielle Pasternak, wedding planner and owner of DPNAK Events. Danielle has been named one "Top Wedding Planners in the World" by Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad magazine. Expertise consistently places her in the "Top 19 Wedding Planners in Philadelphia". She is also the current  co-host of Put A Ring On It, a wedding planning podcast.

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