Wedding Ceremony Masterclass by Celebrant Alisa Tongg


If you’re planning to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding, let me introduce you to wedding celebrant, Alisa Tongg and her Wedding Ceremony Master Class.

The Wedding Ceremony Master Class is comprised of three parts, including:

Learn how to figure out the law and the legal pathway to officiate a wedding. Online ordination is the legal tool for the lay officiant in the majority of states, but there are a handful of states where a friend who has been ordained online actually puts their friends’ marriage in legal jeopardy. (Pennsylvania is one of these states)

Starting with what questions to ask the couple, the Wedding Ceremony Master Class will take Friend Officiants through Celebrant Alisa Tongg’s tried-and-true process of creating a heartfelt, simple, meaningful and appropriate ceremony. It will end up about 20 minutes in length — which is the perfect amount of time.

From what to wear to when to collect the marriage license, the final part of class will prepare the Friend Officiant to deliver a memorable ceremony, for all the right reasons.

Students of the class can enroll and complete the class at their leisure; however, it’s recommended that they start the class at least a month or two in advance of the wedding they plan to officiate.


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